Love Addiction, Codependency & Internet Dating

Love addicts believe that someone else can solve all their problems and make them whole. This unhealthy longing for romantic fulfillment has a name: love addiction. Love addiction is a behavioral addiction, aka process addiction, similar to food, gambling, sex, and shopping addictions. If you find yourself connecting to more than a few of these qualities, love addiction may be at the root. Consciously or unconsciously, love addicts believe that someone else can make them whole and happy, solve their problems, give unconditional love, and take care of them and their kids. And although rationally we can understand how such thinking is unreasonable, for love addicts, it is an uncontrollable notion. It is an addiction. Deep down, love addicts are not seeking love but an emotional escape, the rush of first romance.

Love Addict: 10 Signs You Need Help for Your Love Addiction

Just as an alcoholic continues overdrinking even when it does her harm, a sex and love addict seeks out emotional and physical fulfillment from others, even when it hurts her. Some addicts say they primarily have a sex addiction, while others lean toward the love addiction side of things. Either way, explains Linda Hudson, LSW, co-author of Making Advances: A Comprehensive Guide for Treating Female Sex and Love Addicts , a sex and love addiction describes a pattern of relationship behavior that is compulsive, out of control, and continues despite the consequences.

Our society mostly focuses on guys with sex addiction because, well, from the outside their spiraling-out looks pretty juicy. Despite the name, sex and love addiction is the opposite of sexy—it is a deeply anguished and often isolating affliction.

Online dating sites are like a shopping mall for love addicts. With literally hundreds from which to choose, love addicts can window shop for potential partners for.

The Internet has become a boon for many love addicts. Never before in the history of the world has it ever been so easy to connect with literally hundreds of people in short amounts of time. Location is no longer an issue either. Just turn on the computer and you can be chatting with someone on the other side of the planet within a matter of seconds. Online dating sites are like a shopping mall for love addicts. With literally hundreds from which to choose, love addicts can window shop for potential partners for hours on end.

As soon as someone catches their eye, they can engage in a virtual chat session with just a few clicks of the mouse — if the other person is also online as well. For some individuals, online dating in and of itself can become addicting. What initially starts out as a fun, new activity becomes an obsession that consumes significant amounts of time.

In some cases, it also becomes very expensive if the addict is paying for memberships to multiple dating sites or chat rooms. Love addicts are often drawn to the Internet because it allows them to create a false persona. Take the story of Melissa, for example. Melissa is a fairly quiet, shy woman in her late 30s. At the encouragement of a friend, she put up a profile with one of her best photos.

The Dangers Of Dating Apps For Codependents And Love Addicts

Are you in a relationship with someone who is addicted to love? Or maybe you have a relationship addiction yourself. The main difference between love addicts and healthy people is that love addicts never make it beyond the intense experience of falling in love — the attraction and lust stage. Some individuals are both sex and love addicts.

A once innocent approach to “dating”, has turned into “playing the game”. This can also lead to the beginning of a sex addiction that didn’t exist prior to using the​.

Updated: Oct 22, I usually tell people — jump on Facebook, Google my name, stalk me on Instagram — you will have NO problem putting the pieces together of who I am and what I stand for. Broadcasting and widely scattering your life all over in the world-wide web is in fact more anonymous than talking to someone one-on-one. Getting on stage. Totally comfortable with that. Sitting at a table, face-to-face with someone who could be a romantic interest for me — scared shitless.

Meeting new people to talk about psychology, business, sustainable building, parenting, weddings — anything that is a passion for me — super easy. And thrilling actually. I sit in an awkward silence not knowing what to say now. I think too much and say very little.

Could You Be Suffering from Love Addiction?

If you are a love and sex addict, and have all of those qualities I just described, you can imagine how easy it is to get your hands on your vice aka sex and relationships. The two just never go hand-in-hand. You may wonder why I let myself be friends with any sort of addict at all.

The people love addicts are attracted to all seem to have one thing in common – they are unable or unwilling, to respond to the single minded devotion the love.

Recent research suggests that romantic love can be literally addictive. Although the exact nature of the relationship between love and addiction has been described in inconsistent terms throughout the literature, we offer a framework that distinguishes between a narrow view and a broad view of love addiction. The narrow view counts only the most extreme, harmful forms of love or love-related behaviors as being potentially addictive in nature.

The broad view, by contrast, counts even basic social attachment as being on a spectrum of addictive motivations, underwritten by similar neurochemical processes as more conventional addictions. We argue that on either understanding of love-as-addiction, treatment decisions should hinge on considerations of harm and well-being rather than on definitions of disease. Implications for the ethical use of anti-love biotechnology are considered.

We need attachment to survive and we instinctively seek connection, especially romantic connection. Throughout the ages love has been rendered as an excruciating passion. Love can be thrilling, but it can also be perilous. When our feelings are returned, we might feel euphoric. Lovers can become distracted, unreliable, unreasonable, or even unfaithful.

How To Overcome Love Addiction – 8 Must-Know Strategies + Tips

What are the signs of love addiction? You must recognize that you are indeed hooked. W hen my husband and I were still dating, I was addicted to his scent, be it his perfume or his shower gel and shampoo.

Love addicts unwittingly find themselves anxious, in pain, and afraid of being Having multiple affairs; Serial dating; Having anonymous or unprotected sex.

A couple of weeks ago I answered the question whether you could be addicted to love. So, what are the signs that someone is a love addict? There are all sorts of signs that you might be a love addict. Usually, love addiction stems from past negative experiences such as the loss of a loved one or the abuse of the primary caregiver. Constantly looking for love and approval, the love addict holds unrealistic expectations that the one they love should provide them support, unconditional love, and positive regard, always.

If you find you are in love more than you are ever out of it, then you might be addicted to love. Love addicts grow close super soon in a relationship. Although, typically fine when on their own, the minute they think they found love, they become helpless and lose all ability to stand on their own. People addicted to love stay in relationships no matter how bad they are. There is a difference between being in love and wanting to be with the person you are with and needing to be with the person you are with.

A love addict wants to feel feelings of love.

Shopping for Love Online

Updating your profile, returning emails, setting up dates, going on dates, and not getting a return call and so forth. Even harder. So what does one do when he or she is single, has been in recovery for a year and desires to date? Many of my clients have been faced with this question after living with a strong recovery plan. These books mentioned having certain proper editicates of courting or dating someone.

Love addiction can lead to sleeplessness, loss of a sense of time accused earlier this year of trying to kidnap the woman who was dating Nowak’s former lover.

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Many of us confuse longing and obsession with true love. As the author reveals, we can begin to work through relationship difficulties with compassion and lasting effect by increasing our awareness of the ways that we express love. In this expanded third edition, Brenda Schaeffer draws on years of feedback and new developments to foster an understanding of love addiction: what it is and what it is not, how to identify it, and, even more important, how to break free of it.

Stories of real people struggling to develop sound relationships illustrate the characteristics of healthy love and help readers to free themselves to find real intimacy.

Why It’s Hard Being Friends With A Love Addict

Modern love is confusing to many people. Online dating offers unique opportunities to meet people. For people who are not living with a sex or love addiction, online dating is a healthy and interesting way to form new relationships. For those who do have compulsive tendencies, however, the apps are like a connect- a trigger for engaging in an abusive behavior.

Included is the most up-to-date information about the biological basis of addictive behaviors and the impact of technology on intimate relationships. The author.

LifeWire — After a break-up with with your spouse, significant other or love of your life, you might try to remain friends with your ex, slowly cut off contact, or torch every last relic of the relationship. Fantasies can feed a love addiction, expert says, so modifying thoughts can help break the cycle. But one thing is inevitable: Eventually you have to move on.

So why is it that some people have a hard time letting go, months or even years after ending a relationship? Although it’s natural to mourn the loss of a relationship, some people take such feelings too far. One example at the extreme end of the spectrum, is Lisa Nowak. The former NASA astronaut and married mother of three was accused earlier this year of trying to kidnap the woman who was dating Nowak’s former lover, Navy Cmdr.

Bill Oefelein. Nowak — who is awaiting trial — pleaded not guilty to attempted kidnapping, battery and assault, and the defense has filed notice of intent to claim temporary insanity by citing obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, insomnia and a brief psychotic disorder. The addictive nature of love is highlighted in research conducted by Helen E. Fisher, Ph. When Fisher applied brain-imaging technology to a group of volunteers looking at photos of their romantic partners, she discovered that the areas of the brain that lit up were the same as those that corresponded to drug addiction.

Although love addiction is not classified in “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-IV,” the official handbook used by mental health professionals in the United States, we are culturally, socially and psychologically groomed to be addicted to love, says Brenda Schaeffer , a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based psychologist, certified sexual addiction specialist and author of “Is It Love or Is It Addiction?

Dating an Addict Here Are the Five Things You Should Know

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